veranderingen van het web: een uitdaging voor de leraar

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Het nieuwe web daagt de leerkracht uit zich anders te gedragen in de klas. Waarom?
clipped from willrichardson.wikispaces.com
  • If teachers are no longer the arbiters of knowledge in the classroom, our roles need to change.
  • Now we have the opportunity to be connectors, to bring our classrooms to the world in a variety of ways. We can find other teachers who may know more than we do. (Secret Life of Bees)
  • Here’s another example of students learning from mentors. (Polar Science)
  • We can also connect our students to other students around the world so they can learn together. (Flat Classrooms Wiki)
  • And in a world where all of our students can be content producers as well as content consumers, we need to re-envision the work we ask them to do.
  • They can teach what they know. (Radio Willow Web)
  • Our students can teach in powerful ways. (Pre Cal)
  • And they can share their experiences in meaningful ways, like Sam Jackson’s Education Blog–12th Grade student blog about college application process
  • As Marco Torres says, students’ work “should have wings.” (“Parents”)
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