veranderingen van het internet is een uitdaging voor het onderwijs

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Waarom vormen de veranderingen van het internet een uitdaging voor het onderwijs? Waarom moeten wij daarmee rekening houden?

clipped from willrichardson.wikispaces.com
A Web of Connections: Why the Read/Write Web Changes Everything
Challenging Times for Educators:

  • Our students are leading us.
    • Participating more
    • Creating more
    • Connecting more (55% of kids use social networking sites, 57% have created content online.)
    • 75% of college students have a Facebook site
  • We are entering a time of deeply personalized, passion based learning.
  • The amount of information is infinite and overwhelming.
  • Pace of change is lightspeed
  • More and more, the expectation is to create, not consume, yet we’re not creators.
  • Differing levels of access
    • 21 percent of households with an annual income of $30,000 or less had a broadband connection at home in 2006.
    • And what happens when municipal wifi gives kids unfiltered access in schools?
  • Standardized tests still emphasize content
  • Our notion of privacy is shifting dramatically
  • Our idea of presence is changing as well
  • Legal liabilities are unclear.
  • Our own time is limited.

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